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Updated: Jun 29, 2019

It's no mystery that running is an active sport. Running works every part of your body in some degree. This would especially involve the stomach region. Running puts a lot of stress on the abdomen region due to all of the blood flow. Having extra gas or an extra desire to use the bathroom is a common thing. These issues are so common that there are numerous books, blogs and articles about the topic. In addition, a term is also given called Runners Diarrhea!

I've said before and I'll continue to say it, God saved my life through running. I was overweight, unhealthy and not being a very good example to anyone. It has taken awhile, but running has shown me how strong Inam and how much I can accomplish.

Although running has given me a great amount of positives, it has also left me in a lot of distress. After I lost all the weight, I developed abdominal pain and constipation. This was a new thing for me. This was also the beginning of what I didnt know at the time would be over 2 years of doctors appointments that were going to lead me hopeless, still in pain, and putting on a lot of the weight I lost with no medical reasons.

I have had every test done multiple times, been called crazy, been told there is no help for me, told I was making things up, and has left me not really believing in medical professionals. I know that my pain and problems are real because I endure them everyday. Most days I'm in tears because the pain is so bad. I get angry often because as a maronther you should be able to eat whatever. Unfortunately, I have to be very disciplined or the pain will too great. To make matters worse even with the training and taking care of myself, I keep gaining weight and the pain is increasing. Doctors dont give me any answers except to take metamucil. I went from drinking beer and eating cheeseburgers 3-4 times a week to no alcohol, no grease, low fat and mostly gluten free. Now if i do decide to splurge I will get a food hangover that last up to 2 days. To make matters more lovely, I now get swelling in my head when I eat. I have to limit portions otherwise I get lightheaded. Even with following all the guideline and recommendations, I still dont know what body will do. I just want to run, pain free and be able to eat and not feel like my will explode. Guess that's too much to ask.

So why share this? As much as all of this sucks for me, I know there is someone else out there that may be going through similar issues. I want people to know they aren't alone. This picture is embarrassing and self degrading but it's real. This happened on a run when I couldn't make it to a bathroom. I hobbled 2 miles down a trail before my husband picked me up, with people staring at me. My husband has saved me on too many runs. This condition has ruined races and goal dreams. I talk to doctors and they tell me it's normal. Normal? No it's not. My favorite it when u tell the doctor you run marathons and they tell you seriously that you are taking exercise to far by running a marathon. Again, what? I just want to run a good race a d finish well. That should be allowed.

I dont have any amazing medical breakthrough or revelation to share. This post is mostly a vent out my gi distress and to let u know if you're struggling with gi issues, you are not alone!! Nomatter what you are battling, keep running towards that goal!


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