New year new you??

Isn't that always the tag line? New year, new you but is it really? Just because the calendar year change are we suddenly in need of being a new person?

Was there something wrong with the way you were before? I feel there is so much pressure with new years coming around and thinking oh I need to lose weight, stop drinking, exercise more etc and really all were talking about is society putting the thoughts of guilt and regret in us.

First before, you get to the part on resolutions, its more important to evaluate yourself.

  1. Where are you at right now?

  2. What are 5 things/accomplishments you are proud of yourself for?

  3. What are 3 things that make you happy?

  4. What are 3 things you would like to do different?

  5. Name 3 things you wouldn't change about yourself?

  6. Is there a big a regret you have from last year (cant blame covid)

  7. What is 2 goals you want to accomplish and what is the plan to achieve them?

Before we ever dwell and cope with the regrets of our lives, we should focus and recognize the good things we have done, the accomplishments big and small weve achieved. If you are having a hard time finding the good in yourself, ask a good friend tell you. You may be amazed at how much you are impacting others.

Not every single person needs to suddenly lose weight, stop drinking and start exercising on Jan 1. In fact most people already are. Change and motivation are life long things that will always be there. They are important in shaping us to becoming stronger individuals.

This new years, I encourage you to complete the checklist I made up above. Cut yourself some slack and give yourself a little praise for all you accomplished preciously. Make a list of some goals you want to work on this new year, big or small. As you keep a journal, keep track of how you are doing with them and adjust along the way not forgetting to give yourself some grace and help along they way.

Im here to help as well!!!

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