How to lose a marathon

Updated: May 14, 2019

When I didnt get Into Boston, I was pretty down on myself for while. It was really hard to get myself motivated to run another race or just to put a smile on my face.

My daughter asked me to take her to the library. While I was there, I wondered if there was such thing as runners books? To my amazement there was and a lot of them. There is quite the variety. Books ranged from how to start running, training books and regimens, and people sharing their stories. The library is a great resource for so many things but especially training books. So many times I think the library is just for kids but thanks to my daughter, I dont buy any book now unless I check library first.

As I glanced through, there was 1 in particular that caught my eye. "How to lose a marathon", a starter's guide to finishing in 26.2 chapters, by Joel Cohen. The title was catchy and after just losing by own beliefs, I was sold. The book had my attention from page 1. It is the story of Joel's journey of running his first marathon in New York. He gives a very honest, self-humilitating, and humorous look at what training for a marathon really looks like. The humor is like no other. I could not put the book down which is hilarious all on it's own because I'm not much of a reader. The humor is LOL type of humor and will carry you to the end of the book where you will be crying out tears of joy. The ending of the book left me accepting myself as I was and helped put a smile back on my face when I thought about running. I've attached an image of the back cover to give you an idea.

Another book is written by Mark Remy of Runners World Magazine called, "The runners rule book". Mark covers all the famous theories, quotes and logics people have about running. There is so much truth in here and a great deal of sarcasm. You will realize you are not the only runner who has had those thoughts. He also gives some great advice on clothing, etiquette and race advice.

A third read is "How to find your father at 14,000 feet", By nathan foster. I came across this book on quick stop to the library on my way to Denver to conquer a mountain. It was a total God thing to spot this book. The book is the journey of a man's quest to climb 14,000 mountain peaks with his dad. Sounds simple right, well not when u find out the boy and his dad don't have a great relationship, they know nothing about climbing at first and r inactive. I found myself again, not being able to put the book down and finished the book before my 2 day trip was over. If you want a book that shows true transformation in body, soul and mentleness,, this book will not disappoint .

I kind of feel like a kid with a new appreciation for the library.

When I need a book or have an idea about something, I always check the library now first before buying. The training and coaching books are unreal. A downfall of course is there are only so many copies so you may be placed on a waiting list but that goes with the territory. The library can give you a good sample read also and you may find yourself buying it after as a goodresource.

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