Healthy staples on a budget

Updated: May 14, 2019

If u ever watch cooking shows, the chefs will often tell u his or hers foods that they always try to have on hand for back up. Here is a list of staples I try to have on hand so that I can make the best choices possible.

1. Skinless boneless frozen chicken sold in 3 pound bags: you can usually find these for $5.99 a bag which comes out to around $2.00 a pound. These will go on sale frequently for $3.99a bag in the summer time. Stock up when a sale happe s since they are frozen they will last.

2. Powdered peanut butter: Powdered peanut butter has the same fiber and protein content as regular peanut butter but is much lower in calories and fat. I have found that Wild Harvest brand, an organic company through Jerry's Foods, has the best credentials. This is a good additive to yogurt, Smoothies, sauces and to just have as peanut butter.

3. Parkay butter spray: A great addition to provide a buttery flavor to dishes without ll the calories and fat.

4. 150 calories spaghetti noodles: I eat a lot of pasta throughout the week and I prefer this type because it is a little lower in calories but it provides 13g of fiber per serving.

5. Frozen pepper stir fry blend: I actually discovered these at the dollar tree. Not all dollar tre s have them but when I find them I will buy as many as I can. $1 gets 2 pounds of an onion, green and red pepper mix. 1 green pepper alone is more than this.

6. Whole wheat bagels: I use bagels as a quick pre fuel for a run or if I'm in a bind or need something in the run. I will actually have one stashed in the car on a long so I dont have to be impulse for fast food. Buy a brand that has fiber in it too for lasting fuel.

7. Kirkland protein bars: At less than $1 a bar, 190 kcals,17g Fiber and 20g of protein, I will eat these when I'm craving a dessert or snack with my coffee. In addition, they are small enough to stash in your purse or bag. They are gluten free, dairy free and contain no artificial ingredients as well.

8. Roasted Chickpeas: If you havent caught in yet, I love chickpeas! You can grab a large bag at Walmart for $5.99. Chickpeas provide a good source of protein and fiber. They have a great crunch to them. I like to grind the whole bag and place in a container. Whenever I need a crunchy topping, I'm set.

9. Greek yogurt: My brand of choice is ooikos triple zero. I prefer this type because it provides a great source of protein along with 6g of fiber which is uncommon in dairy. In addition, the flavor is really good. Another good Costco purchase here if you prefer the single serving option.

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