Every day is a gift

These times r harder than normal. Things are being taken away, and each day is different than the previous. What we can rest on is if u woke up today and u are still breathing, God has a purpose for u to still be here. There may not be restaurants to hang at, gyms to work out at, or any place to bring your kids, but we have a God that is always there and people who need us. Stay strong in that today an know u are loved, valued and important. Take each day as it's given, enjoy each breath, and cherish each second with the loved ones u have because that is what's most important.

As far as exercise and nutrition, keep putting one foot in front of the other and pressing on. Do what u can even if it's just a little. It will focus your mind and prepare u more for the day. Turn off the news and enjoy time with your fam!

If I can be encouragement or offr suggestions for modified workouts or nutrition ideas please lmk. We are in this together.

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