But I dont want to do it

Heights is something that always scare me. Everything that had to do with them. Climbing,flying, looking over a building, bridges. Running has helped me be fearless and given me a drive to conquer/attempt the areas I was so afraid of. Conquering those finish lines has shown me how strong I can be if I just trust God and persevere. Its not easy!! People talk to me about running and they say oh its easy to you, you run marathons. The thing is its not! I struggle every day to get out there. I play the same head game every day. Oh Ill do it later, oh ill just go a few miles, l be fine with it. The hardest thing with life is showing up. We never know what we are capable of until we show up. When we show up and get engaged, its hard to back down because we are already there. Finding a pattern for you that works, and find someone who will nicely hold u accountable. You wont regret it!! Tips that work for me for fitness is. 1. Find a time that works for you and stick to it: I run before work. That way the only excuse I have is im tired. Once the day extends, life happens and most of the time that workout wont happen and if it does, its not what u wanted it to be. I know lots of people that work out adter work. The thought of getting up an earlier is the death to them. 2. Plan your workout: I have my clothes out ahead of time and as much stuff as I can have ready to go so I cant use that as an excuse. If u go to the gym, put everything in your car the night before. This one helps alot because in order to back out of it, I would have to go get the stuff from the car. If Im going to the car, I can go to the gym. 3. Fuel: I use food as an excuse. If I didnt eat the right thing or maybe I didnt eat at all, I will make up excuses for not running. Always have a quick hi-carb item in your car or gym bag just in case. I keep a protein bar and bagels with me in my car for emergencies. Know your body, know what your body tolerates before a workout, know how it responds. Unfortunately the only way to find this out is trial and error. Liquid energy is definitely the craze right now. There is a lot of competition out there for products all claiming to be the best. Again, know what you need and what you tolerate. Just because salt tabs work for mike they might now work for you. Try things out on practice runs. Some products Ive come to like is GU Roctane and UCAN super starch. I went into the running store to buy UCAN but than I saw the price and I was like damn. I looked over and saw GU and it was half the price for basically the same product. For my early am runs, I get up drink a glass of the GU and I take off about 20 mins later. The products say, take 60-90 mins before but im just not getting up that early. I have found my stomach does need a little longer on the superstarch. Ive been ising GU Roctane for a few weeks now with no GI distress. Eat a good dinner about 2 hours before bed so u have that fuel to rely on in the am. This has probably been whats helped me the most. If i have a solid protein and starch before bed, I dont notice the hunger as much in am. Dont over think things. If you have time to run, and u may not have fueled like usual, go anyways and try out a few miles. If it doesn't go well head home. You made the effort and thats what matters. 4. Find support: Find a local running group, friend, co worker that wants to do it with you. I cant emphasize the importance of accountability. Find arun coach you trust (hopefully me). 5. Forgive yourself: Life happens and sometimes (a lot), things dont work out. Dont beat yourself up if you cant get a workout in or the one you wanted to. Forgive yourself and try again tomorrow. 6. Be creative: On days when I cant make the workout work, I do the best to get sometype of extra activity with my day to day activities. Take extra stairs, walk further from your car into work or a store, do active activities with your kids. Turn it into a contest. Wall squats, sit ups, jumping jacks, lunges (ouch), push ups, planks, sprints. Make it fun and a family activity. My daughter will ask to do them now. We recently this year got season passes to sky zone and comm center that has a gym and pool. They are great ways to bond as a family and be active when weather doesnt always cooperate. Now I just made myself sound like this amazing role model for making exercise a priority and I do the best I can to make it a priority only because I know how much better I feel physically and mentally when I complete a solid workout. We also need to make sure we are doing this in all areas of our lives. I have a huge list of professional, personal tasks I feel led to do (a blog is one), but I dont invest the same energy. I use excuses and I try but may get scare and discouraged so I stop. I keep running because I know I can, Im good at it and its easy to just lace up and go. The other items in life take more planning, time and decision making. One has to be able to sit down for that and concentrate. I say I dont have time but yet Ive mastered 2 cell phone games, and Im up todate with facebook, Ive seen all episodes of a netflix show etc. Life is short!! Make decisions that matter and you are proud of. Today is the day we have and thats it!! Make it count. Take 1 hr, go get a cup of coffee, a journel, make a list of what you want to achieve for purpose, make a date to complete it by, and find someone to hold you accountable. You got this!!

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