Best $10 bucks I ever spent

There are a lot of articles created that state the costs of certain sports. Some of the most expensive are Hockey, Football and Dance due to equipment needs and cost of matches. Running is catorgorized as 1 of the least expensive sports due to people saying you don't need equipment just your body.

I recently was on a long run with some people and we started talking about this theory. You know everyone says running is cheap but my shoes are $150, than you need clothes and those can cost up $200-$300 per season. Not to mention race food, accessories, race fees, and travel. I alone spent at least $1000 last year. In comparison to other sports this may be cheaper but its still pretty spendy. Over the past couple years I have found a few ways to cut costs so thought I would share a few. If you have further ideas feel free to comment.

1: End of season clearance:

Pay attention to when stores start to clearance out merchandise, shoes, and energy gels. Or if an item is being discontinued, you may really score. Feel free to ask the associates if they know if the items will be discontinued further. My style choices dont typically change from year to year so I will snatch an extra pair of shorts or shirt in prep for next year.

2: Ski Goggles: $10 at the sporting goods store.

These literally saved me during winter running and in downpours of rain. They protect your eyes from getting wetness in them. They also work wonders for wind protection. I've noticed when I run on super windy, cold days, if I wore the goggles I had less dryness and headaches after running. The wind and cold can put a lot of pressure on the sinus area and the goggles will save you. Unfortunately, you will lose the chance at having white eyelashes but its a peice you pay.

3: Sports Gloves at Costco $8:

You could spend up to $100 on gloves but Costco has great sports gloves that you can buy that are comfortable, touch screen and you could double layer if need be.

4: Hand and Toe Warmers:

Again, Costco for the win on these if possible. Most stores sell them for .99 a pair but costco you can get a whole box of 40 for like $18. This is a great item to stock up when they start clearing them out. These r essential in winter months!

5: Sunglasses $1-$25:

If you r not picky, the dollar store is a great secret! They have so many good items for cheap! One of those items is sunglasses. As u can guess, they r $1 each. I like to stock up on them and I will throw them off during a race with no remorse. Other great items from dollar store is hygiene products, tupperware containers, frozen vegetables and meats.

I just learned about a brand called Goodyr. They are a brand that is targeted towards athletes. They claim to be sweat, waterproof. And bounceproof. Online they r over $50, but I got me a pair at fleet feet running store for $25 so check out your local speciality running store.

5. Discounts for run clubs:

A lot of speciality running stores will give discounts to u if you r apart of a local running community. Watch out for national holidays or events that have to do with running. For example, Global running day is huge and many race companies and stores will give discounts.

Not to mention run clubs are a great way to meet people in your community. I use to feel intimidated by running clubs because I was scared about paces and running without headphones. Now that I have conquered that fear, I have met some great people and learned about many opportunities I wouldnt have known about prior. They also can give you advice about races and experiences you may be interested in.

6: Otium Beats headphones: $25

Wireless headphones have been my saving grace as a runner. There r many varieties and brands out there but Otium have been great for me. You can order them on Amazon. I have purchased other kinds and they dont work as well as this brand.

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