I desire for this to be a life changing experience. When I started my journey, I only set out to run and finish a race. I had no idea the amount of reflection and change it would give me to the better. Crossing each one of those finish lines, has made me fearless and making bigger goals.

    I want to meet each athlete where they are at. Whether you are just starting your journey, or you have been on it for some time, I am here to help you to that next step.

    Fitness + Nutrition + You

    Initially, I will meet 1-on-1 with you via in person or through video chat. I will challenge you to identify 3 goals you hope to achieve through this experience on a physical level and 3 goals on a personal level. Furthermore, I will ask you to give me 3 expectations that you expect from me. I aim to work with you to achieve these goals and hold you accountable and support you. We will discuss fitness and nutrition regimens that will work for you. All fitness plans will be a balance between running, conditioning and strengthening exercises. I want the plan to be something that will work for you. I’m not going to train you with machines and weights that you don’t have access to or ask you to go buy the $600 Bow Flex machine. All regimens will be based off of the resources available to you.

    With a degree and passion in nutrition, I will design a personalized meal plan for you based on your needs and desires. I also bring my personal experience and helpful advice and education on weight loss and gastrointestinal distress. I have been on this journey and continue to be on it each day. I am very knowledgeable of food allergies as well as options available at the stores.

    Motivation + Communication

    Bi-weekly nutrition and fitness tips will be posted on my blog to keep you motivated. In addition, I will share some personal recipes I have created.

    In-person, 1-on-1 coaching is available as well. I will be next to you each step to motivate you along that path. If it’s a race you are after, I will be there race day to guide you to that finish.

    Online accountability. I will keep you accountable for your workout and plans by encouraging you daily, or bi-weekly through text and or email. In addition, I will check in with you 2 times per week via video chat to see how the week is going and what I can do to help you. You will have access to my weekly blog where I will share personable stories, fitness tips and healthy eating tips.



    Every finish line marks a new beginning.


    All about accountability


    Running and Nutrition Plans Available

    Enjoy running like never before. Approach food in a whole new way. Find the plan that will help you meet your goals.