Hello! My name is Tracy Mindiola (min-dee-OH-luh) and I live in Maple Grove, MN. I'm a runner, wife, and mother. After living life in cruise control for years, I put my foot down on the accelerator and took control of my health. Three years and 80 lbs later, I'm a whole new me. Running has become a metaphor for my life and can be yours as well! Click the button below to learn more about my personal journey with running.

    RUN WITH TRACY also offers:

    • Personal Training from a Certified Personal Trainer

    • Nutrition Coaching from a Registered Dietitian

    • Personalized meal plans and training workouts

    • Individualized Running plans

    • All plans and services are personalized to meet your needs.  No judgement

    • Special Needs Running and Nutrition Coaching

    • Available as a speaker at your work, camp, church or school to lead fitness, nutrition and or running workshops


    Coming soon:

    • Adult and Kid Boot camps

    • Local run clubs

    • Special needs run club

    • Runners' book club

    • Other community sponsored events. 


    Please email me if you are interested in one of these options.

    I think the runner’s community is like none other. Okay, yes, I may be a bit biased, but there is so much joy, passion, fearfulness, and excitement in the runners I have met.


    I use to be afraid of joining running groups because I was afraid that everyone was going to outrun me or I would be the only one there. I’ve come to find out that, yes that sometimes does happen but, hey, it’s okay because the important thing is showing up, running our races, and supporting one another. I actually have to say no to groups now because otherwise I would be at one every day.


    It’s important to find a group in your area and get connected with other people that share your same passion. These people may become your new best friends, and a lot of the stores where you meet might give race discounts, as well!

    I love hearing people’s stories, why they run, what their goals are, etc. Recently, I had a crazy idea to run the state of Minnesota. The state is 406 miles from top to bottom. The main reason I want to do it is to meet other runners along the way and form a community.

    Below are some passions of mine that I would like to do but lack the support currently. If you share similar passions to these and would like to join me or even help get one started, please send me an email.

    • Runners’ book club: Meet for a short run and read our way through a running-themed book.

    • Maple Grove area running club that meets consistently.

    • Special needs running and support club: Meet weekly and run together, non-competitively. This might also be a chance for caregivers and parents to meet others in similar situations. Afterward, we could share snacks or beverages together.

    • Lead and teach nutrition-themed and fitness-themed classes to schools and other community settings.

    • Hold running camps and boot camps in a non-gym-setting for kids and adults.


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